testing, testing…

New gold paint on the outside, part of the major restoration work.
New gold paint on the outside, part of the major restoration work.

We are planning to take our trailer on a two-week vacation in June.  Due to our move we haven’t had it out of storage in over a year; we are really ready for a relaxing vacation!  Knowing we had to be sure everything was in working order before we leave we pulled it out of storage and ‘camped’ beside the house we couldn’t stay in because it is still under construction.  The yard has been neglected since we left and Mother’s Day weekend was the only weekend I have off of work until we want to be on our vacation.

The house is not yet habitable, so we stayed in the trailer.
The house is not yet habitable, so we stayed in the trailer.

After a false start of forgetting the batteries we had stored in the garage we made the trip north, pulled the trailer out of storage and opened the door – everything in its place and tidy, just as we left it.  Up the hill and after quite a bit of maneuvering we had it in the side driveway, slide most of the way out, garden hose connected for water and an extension cord out a window of the house – only 110 current, but we used what we had.

About half of the forsythia trimmings - that was one big plant!
About half of the forsythia trimmings – that was one big plant!

We pruned and raked the front yard Friday night; taking the whole forsythia down to the ground since it was quite over grown, trimming the boxwood hedge along the steps to the front door, weeding, sweeping and removing trash caught in the shrubs.  Already it looked much better.  As we gathered our tools and put them in the garage the sun set over the hill and a chill crept in.

A quick run to the store for a bit of food to get us through the night and into the morning before settling into our little nest.  Agreeing something hot would be best for our late dinner we discovered the deli dark and empty; a pizza to cook would have to do.  Home we came, anticipating a warm bite.  The propane oven wouldn’t light!  Have you ever cooked pizza on the stove top?  Works best if you have a cover for your frying pan, which we do not (but we will soon).

Meanwhile, knowing the night was going to be in the forties my dear hubby attempted to turn the heater on – propane heater wasn’t working either.  This is a small town – a very small town – and there are limited places to shop during the common times to shop, but at night there is really no place.  Four blankets, the sweats for the next day’s yard work and we managed to sleep through the worst of the cold.  In fact, we were tired enough to sleep until nine in the morning!

Much neater back garden, but we will have to fill in a few blank spots.
Much neater back garden, but we will have to fill in a few blank spots.

The county landfill, at the south end of town, is only open on Saturday 10-3.  Hubby loaded all of the night before’s clippings and I got pruning and pulling in the back yard to fill the first load as soon as possible; he left at 10:30 with a secure, but very full load.  When he returned he had a space heater with him!

During his absence I kept working to clear the winter-killed and overgrown shrubs.  We have had a problem controlling Virginia Creeper over the years and during my methodical removal of vegetation I discovered a couple of stealthy twelve-foot long vines wending their way under the irises and Euonymus.  Drastic measures were taken to purge this pest once again.  We had the pick-up very full a second time by 2:00, and there was time to shower before we met one of the kids for dinner!  Oh yeah, it is a propane heater.  That was a very, very cold shower!

Only once before have I taken a shower that cold and fast.  It was during my first round of college, while on a geology field trip.  We had been out in the field, Oregon and Idaho and back in Washington at Steamboat Rock State Park.  There were just two of us girls, so we hatched a plan to take quick showers and change our clothes.  We came up with four quarters for the shower and fed them in – four minutes worth of water.  That water was super cold and we each danced in and out as fast as possible removing soap and shampoo in record time.  We weren’t suppose to be showering, we were suppose to be out looking at the basalt so we didn’t complain.  Must be a college thing for me…

Fun dinner, great visiting with friends we don’t get to see much, and a much warmer night brought us to our final and much less harried day.  Pack-it-up, put-it-away, clean-it-off and we were ready to hook up the truck and put the trailer back in storage.  When we arrived at the storage unit we discovered the storage key was gone – it had been left on top of the propane tanks and it wasn’t there.  Back up the hill, we got it back into the side driveway and brought ourselves home to Walla Walla where we attempted to make sure some of the normal weekend chores got done before we began another busy week.

This was not the fun stay we hoped it would be, but it was a learning experience that will ensure we don’t begin another season like this one; we will have better quality batteries!  New lock and key for the storage unit and the trailer is snuggled away for a few more weeks.  I hope we will not have to wait as long between uses.

5 thoughts on “testing, testing…

  1. This last week has been super busy, which doesn’t allow us to explore the options suggested, but it makes us dream in more directions than ever. Two more exams this week and a project to prepare for a final, along with my seven more hours of practicum hours and I will be able to focus on vacation ‘plans’. Then we can discuss direction and what we really want to do.


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