Oregon Wineries you favor?

It is nearly vacation time!  We plan to visit some scenic areas of  Southeastern Oregon, go through the Redwoods and then come north along the Oregon Coast until we are two-thirds of the way up when we will cut back into the Willamette Valley.  Not being too familiar with the wineries of Oregon we are interested in knowing which wineries and wines you suggest?

IMG_0709IMG_0455Seems like last week that we were all excited about seeing new green shoots early this Spring and we are now into Bloom, anticipating fruit set!



Spring Quarter has been successfully wrapped up, we will catch-up the weeding and yard work at both houses this week and then get the trailer ready to go!  It is always nice to have some direction when we go to a new place, so let us know what Oregon wines/wineries you favor.


6 thoughts on “Oregon Wineries you favor?

  1. My favorites are Chehalem Winery and Artisanal Winery, both in Newberg, Sokol Blosser, Ken Wright (although it isn’t always open), and Cathedral Ridge. The Carlton Winemaker’s Studio is a cooperative that has some great wines, as is Walnut City Wine Works in McMinnville. Lots of people really love Argyle, but I felt that it is a bit overrated. There are places that have better priced Pinots that are just as good. But across the street is a market and restaurant called the Red Hills Market that has great food and wood fired pizzas.

    La Rambla in McMinnville is a great Spanish restaurant that does tapas and paella. Yum! And they have a really good wine list, but will also let you bring in your own bottle for a corkage fee.

    Have a great trip! If you stop at any of these places, I would love to hear what you think! And let me know if you have any questions. Camille


      1. Sadly no. We saw a new brewery in Newberg that we wanted to check out – I think it was called the Chehalem Valley Brewery or something like that, but we didn’t make it there. The Willamette Valley is curiously devoid of breweries. There is a McMenamins Hotel in McMinnville – McMenamins brews its own beer so I imagine they carry it there.

        If you are going to be in Portland, Burnside Brewing is good, and there is a restaurant called Hedge House that has good food and beer – Lompoc Brewing. The Rock Bottom brewery in downtown Portland has good beer too, but I don’t think it is local. I believe they have one in San Diego too.


  2. I am a big fan of De Ponte, Brick House, Patricia Green, and Bergstrom. De Ponte hosted me during the IPNC in 2010 and they are super nice. If you can, try some of Isabellle’s own wine (she is the winemaker and her label is “1789”). Brick House can be tough to get a reservation, but it is well worth it. I went to college with Jim Anderson at Patty Green (although we did not know it at the time). And I think Josh Bergstrom is making some of the best wines in the Valley.

    Have a great trip!


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