Naked Winery, Old Mill District in Bend

A few years ago we stopped at a small, dusty tasting room in southwestern South Dakota by this same name ( – so when we came across this tasting room in an upscale area of Bend we wondered if it was the same winery. It is and the winery itself is based out of Hood River. They use Washington and Oregon fruit, including some uncommon grapes (Nebbiolo and Barbera) with a tongue-in-cheek naming style for their wines: Foreplay Chardonnay, Dominatrix Pinot Noir, and Tease Riesling to note a few.

We were the only people in the tiny South Dakota shop, but in Bend it was a hopping place with about fifteen people, mostly members coming in after work for a glass of wine. We stood at the bar, between two pair of perfectly groomed, stylishly dressed young females.

The two tasting room associates were keeping pace with those of us in to sample. Madison, our side of the bar, did her best to answer questions I posed without divulging information considered confidential. All good, we proceeded with our tasting of the white and red wines, foregoing the sweet wine flight.

Orgasmic Pinot Blanc, Naked Pinot Gris, Virgin Chardonnay, Fling Gewürztraminer for the whites and Naked Pinot Noir, Penetration Cabernet, Vixen Syrah and Orgasmic Nebbiolo for the reds. All were soft, easy drinking wines; we chose a 2013 Naked Pinot Gris with some optimistic dreaming that the weather would brighten and warm up enough to sit outside under the stars to drink it… it will keep until we get home if the weather doesn’t warm up this vacation.

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