Lost Coast Brewery

Ha, gotta love a brewery tip that is totally unexpected. We biked down HWY 101 (on our motorcycle) taking in the glimpses of huge sandy beaches as the tide was still mostly out and incredible stands of trees. Our ultimate goal was to go through the Redwoods, hike some trails and take some pictures, like all good tourists to Northern California.

We weren’t sure where to turn to go through the National Park, so we stopped at the information center just south of Orick to ask. While showing us a map, telling us we missed our turn about ten miles back we noticed the advertisement for Lost Coast Brewery in Eureka, CA – not too much further south. Lunch sounded good and we were heartily assured the brewery served good food and great beer.

A flight of ten, mostly for me since my hubby doesn’t drink when he is riding the motorcycle. The 8 Ball Stout (6.2% ABV) and the Indica IPA (6.5% ABV) were the heavy hitters and fully half were 5% and under, so doable for us. Sitting that close to the ocean, I had to have halibut fish and chips – they were fantastic.

The beers, all ales, were terrific. Three wheat beers, two with fruit (apricot and tangerine) and two brown, one with raspberry are right on trend with the fruit-infused beers – they are terrific. I am usually not crazy about wheat beer, but these were bready, fresh and well balance – even the fruity ones.

Lost Coast label art - bold and beautiful.  Found this six pack in Bandon, OR!
Lost Coast label art – bold and beautiful. Found this six pack in Bandon, OR!

Although the beers are so good they need no gimmicks, the pub is filled with incredible, funky stuff – like a huge Halloween spider that goes up when the door opens and descends upon the new guests as the door closes behind them. No excuse for ignoring a customer when there is that much commotion. Crazy sculptures, many quite colorful, fill nooks and crannies, high and low, all around the room. The beer labels are on t-shirts hung from the walls: bright, colorful graphics with interesting themes, the stout certainly does have an eight-ball as its label. It was a fun place to have lunch.

We did find our way to the Redwood National Park, we did drive through, walk some trails and take pictures; it is a peaceful place. Make the time to do this some time.

Our ride back to the trailer was not as foggy and cold as the ride down and the tide was in so the sandy beaches had all but disappeared and the crashing of the waves below us became the soundtrack of the day.

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