Lumos Wine Company; a terrific find

With Thursday evening still young we drove into McMinnville.  Choosing to drive to a wine shop that was also highly recommended we parked on NE 3rd St.  The motorcycle in the back of the pick-up was apparently quite a sight to many walking by.  The wine shop was full of people, not exactly what we were wanting at that moment.  Across the street we saw a couple of wineries that didn’t look too full of people; easy decision.

Lumos Wine Co. shares space with a chocolate shop.  Since they would close before the winery next door, we started there.  The chocolates looked amazing and smelled heavenly, but we had some from another chocolatiers at the trailer; they were difficult to pass up.  The small bar, large enough for a couple to stand side-by-side, maybe one more person if you didn’t mind cozy quarters, was covered with bottles and post cards.  Ari, pouring for us, was a great resource for the local wine scene.  As we tasted through the wines she shared her experience working crush for Dai Crisp, Lumos’ viticulturist and wine maker… he also makes wine for another winery I will write about soon.  Chatting about different vineyards, telling us about the grapes used to make the wines we were tasting, it was fun to spend time with her.

The wines: Pinot Gris from two different vineyards and vintages, both lovely.  A 2012 Gewürztraminer, dry, different and great!  A Rose’ of PN called Chiquita from last year – delightful.  And thee vintages of PN from Temperance Hill Vineyard – this vineyard is a neighbor of Bethel Heights, from my last blog – also a sustainably grown vineyard with ‘Oregon Organic & Salmon Safe’ Certifications.  I didn’t take notes of single clone or blended here, falling down on the job I was.  Hmph, bothers me now to realize I don’t have that info, it isn’t on their website either.  Ok, the ‘2011 Five Blocks’ was an earthy, bright fruit and spicy wine with soft tannins and nice acidity.  The 2009 & 2010 Temperance Hill PN were darker fruit, black pepper, and herbal with a hint of earthiness although there was definitely a difference between the two, but I can’t recall and my notes are not clear enough for me to read on the flight info post card.

When I looked up where Lumos is distributed to Oregon is very well covered, Western Washington has several locations, but not Eastern Washington.  New York, North Caroline and Washington D.C. have distribution as well.  Naturally, you can see about ordering online as well.


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