Remy Wines, McMinnville, Oregon

Deciding to explore the area we were in, we followed a couple of signs down a short alley to discover Remy Wines, owned by Remy Drabkin.  It was fairly busy, so we sat at the counter of the ‘baR’ (pronounced R bar) as she calls the tasting room in her winery.  Joel came over to ask what we were interested in – there are food choices and a variety of alternate beverages also available, a flight, what is truly indicative of Remy’s style and what she is most proud of, that is what we wanted, and we would share the flight.  I think we put him on the spot, but he accommodated us well.  Italian style wines, in fact, Italian varietals, in the ‘Old World Style’ are her forte’.  We were surprised to find several Washington vineyards in her listing: Sangiovese from Ciel du Cheval & Kiona vineyards and a 2006 Barbera from Rosebud Vineyard, a library wine. But the Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris are from Lone Madrone’ Vineyard, Remy’s Estate vineyard in the Dundee AVA and the Dolcetto from Jubillee Vineyard in the Eola Amity Hills AVA.

Remy Wines, also has 'Three Wives' label, small production winery in McMinnville, Oregon.
Remy Wines, also has ‘Three Wives’ label, small production winery in McMinnville, Oregon.

Our tasting included all of the Remy Wines and two of the Three Wives Wines, her second label.  The 2012 Three Wives Pinot Noir had an herbal nose with good fruit on the palate and a smoky finish.  The 2013 Three Wives Germaine Gabrielle is a dry PN Rose’ with soft red fruit and a crisp, acidic finish – quite nice.  About this time Remy darted in out of the rain to pick up some chairs for an event in another location that she was preparing for that evening.  It would have been good to speak with her, but it was evident this was not the moment to slow her down.  We tend to drink many wines from her Washington suppliers so it was fun to taste each of them with her interpretation of the 2012 vintage.  All were well done, easy to drink with enough complexity to keep it interesting.  The 2006 Barbera, at 16% ABV, was a glass of blue and black fruits; delightful!  As I happen to really enjoy Italian varietals, this was another good find in my book.


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