A step up in equipment

After another vineyard run to gather grape samples we were processing juice for sugar, acid and pH levels when the telephone on the wall rang.  I was astonished that the phone was connected and functional (since I hadn’t hard it at all last year) before we had the thought that it might be the driver delivering the new crusher/destemmer we were expecting.  As the farm isn’t visible to any of the online map apps it seemed logical that the guy would call for directions.  Good thing Jason answered it or we would have been waiting a long time for the truck if the driver followed the directions he found online.

New crusher/destemmer for Locati Cellars arrived in time for harvest.
New crusher/destemmer for Locati Cellars arrived in time for harvest.

Last year we had a smaller, less contained crusher/destemmer, now we are giddy with anticipation of using this new one.  We unraveled all of the protective plastic, removed the taller sides for the hopper that were wrapped and laying inside it.  Getting it off of the specialized wood palate went smoothly; now it just has to be cleaned and wired before we toss grapes into it.

The sample data gave us enough information to make harvest and crush decisions for the next few days: we will crush at the Locati Farms today.

Good wishes to you for a relaxing, warm weekend – I will be toiling away, doing what I love to do: making wine!  Oh, I am supposed to be at Seven Hills Winery, in the tasting room on Saturday afternoon too.


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