Using my head, finally!

LED headlamp for barrel filling and press cleaning!
LED headlamp for barrel filling and cleaning equipment after dark!

As the temperatures drop and the days shrink, we still have Barbera and Primitivo to bring into Locati Cellars; Barbera is anticipated this coming Wednesday.  Although we know there isn’t as much Barbera as there was Sangiovese (that would have been 20.1 tons two weeks ago) we aren’t sure what time the fruit will come into the winery making it difficult to predict when we will be cleaning up.  The large light that fills the parking area and illuminates the front of another building completely misses the crush pad.  Today, on a quick trip to Costco with the aim of picking up cat food for our resident feline, we passed a display of LED headlamps right by the large screen tv’s and stereos.  The photos showed fit bicyclists, a runner and a guy in a garage peering into a machine (car?).  But I wouldn’t be caught running by day, never mind by night, and I don’t think biking at night will be something I have to consider… filling barrels, cleaning the press and crusher after dark and a myriad of other uses came to me in an instant.  My partner in wine had similar thoughts, grinning as I grabbed one of the two packs before we navigated to the cat food at the far corner of the store.

Now one of the two headlamps resides in the garage where it will be useful for rare trips into the attic, under the house and while putzing on various vehicles.  The other is going into my bag to go with me to work for the above mentioned uses.  During the spring and summer there will be camping trips to exciting places and in the garden for slug hunting expeditions (gross but necessary) to reduce the numbers of these slimy pests.


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