An unusual harvest issue

Oscar and Dragon last Spring.
Oscar and Dragon last Spring.

Two years ago this month Oscar, our two year old semi-feral cat, began hanging around our previous house.  Dragon, our original cat, didn’t seem to mind her presence and we witnessed them frolicking in the yard together, standing at the back door together, etc.  It was a no brainer to welcome her into our household that Autumn.  But we discovered a small problem with both Hubby and I being gone so much for our respective harvest work this year; there is a neighborhood cat coming into the house via the pet doors we are so happy our two kitties use!  Rudy, we were able to get close enough to read on his heart-shaped tag, is a beautiful, charming cat that also has a bell on his collar.  He has taken to hanging out in our garage, coming into the laundry room through the pet door and consuming the food we have out for our two feline.  He has learned that walking slowly with his head down keeps his bell from ringing.  But I would think it is difficult for him to hunt successfully moving as slowly has he does to remain quiet.

Rudy, our unwelcome feline guest.
Rudy, our unwelcome feline guest.

We have hardly seen the three cats in the same place, so it was difficult to tell how the three were getting on.  A couple of days ago I realized Oscar was coming to the back door rather than using the pet doors again.  Dragon has only been going outside when I have gone out to water plants and check on the newest plants rather than spending time outside on his own.  Today, my first full day at home in ages, Dragon sat in the hallway meowing in a distinctly different call than I have ever heard in his 8+ years – I found Rudy in the laundry room in front of him.

This evening, as I cooked dinner for the first time in months, my wonderfully supportive husband (he has been the chef in the house for the last few months) opened the back door for Dragon to go outside.  Rudy was on the other side of the door and attacked, hissing and spitting with claws out as soon as Dragon crossed the threshold!  Smart cat, Dragon backed into the house again and Rudy was chased by us two-legged giants from the property.  Reassured, Dragon went outside and has been enjoying the mild October evening knowing his territory is his own for the time being.  Oscar seemed to realize the interloper was not around and came into the house a few minutes later.  She was quite loving and social, chatting and eating before crashing on our bed.

Tomorrow we are both at work all day again, but my work schedule will be loosening up after that.  Rudy best beware, his presence will not be tolerated any longer.  I did ask a neighbor if she knew him; apparently he is quite an adventurous feline as she tells it.  I wonder if his family knows of his exploits.

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