Better ten years late than not – we watched the movie ‘Sideways’

I had to interject a blog about the movie Sideways since my partner and I just watched it for the first time tonight.  It is my fault that we have no TV and are way behind the times for movies – I have a hard time just sitting and watching something, so it is rare when we DO watch something. Yesterday afternoon when the DVD arrived in the mail it was a forgone assumption that tonight would be the night we watched it.

Before this, the only part of the movie that has come to my attention was the scene outside the restaurant where the two main characters have the heated discussion about Merlot – quite possibly the best marketing for Oregon and California Pinot – so we were surprised that the whole scene was about the length of a normal commercial.  I had seen a still shot of the scene with the spit bucket, so that wasn’t a total surprise either.  The book hasn’t been read by either of us.

With that background, we opened a bottle of Dusted Valley Mourvedre’, slipped the DVD into the laptop, and sat back to watch this iconic movie.  A depressed, middle-school English teacher that lives in the past and uses wine as self-medication, even if he does like the stuff and has studied wine, he still abuses it opens the show for us.  His college room-mate and long-time friend is a has-been actor with plans to marry a rich heiress and work in the family real estate business after their week-long bachelor retreat to the Santa Ynez Valley where divergent, preconceived ideas of how to spend that time provide the comedy for the next 1.5 hours.  Predictable, and yet, well portrayed hurdles and lessons bring the movie to the inevitable conclusion.  I had to ask my hubby if guys actually talk like these characters since I wasn’t sure how real that was – he confirmed that guys that really know one another are like that.

It was worth the two hours to watch it, the Mourvedre’ was fantastic, and I can now participate in future conversations about Sideways when they arise.  In the ten years since the movie was released California’s wine industry has grown and gas prices have risen (less than $2.00/gallon in the movie).  We will have to plan a vacation to California to experience it first hand to really appreciate the wines.


7 thoughts on “Better ten years late than not – we watched the movie ‘Sideways’

  1. Glad you finally watched it – it is a fun movie. And I’m sure you will enjoy following “Sideways” trail in California – plan some good amount of time in Solvang, as they have about 20 city wineries producing wonderful wines…


      1. I literally fell in love with Solvang during our few hours there at the Wine Bloggers Conference. Here is a good resource for the Solvang events etc:
        Laura, who is writing this blog, was our guide during our trip – you can reach out to her when you will be planning your trip, I’m sure she will be glad to help.


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