Lost River Winery, north of us in Winthrop

Lost River Winery, in Winthrop, Washington.
Lost River Winery, in Winthrop, Washington.

Traveling for work as he does, my partner in wine has a tendency to bring home wine – tough problem to have, I know.  Last week he had lunch with his daughter at a small Bistro with a wine shop in it (they also have a stellar kitchen store attached)  and came home with a bottle of Lost River Winery’s 2013 Columbia Valley Rain Shadow a blend of 60% Semillon & 40% Sauvignon Blanc at 13.5% ABV.  The description on the back “This dry blend of Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc combines a light hint of oak with bright citrus and tropical fruit flavors… Best served at 58-60 deg. F and in the company of good friends.”

Our reality is that the wine has lovely mild oaky notes in the aromas and is a crisp, pineapple-dominant, very refreshing white blend and it doesn’t come across as too high in alcohol.  Hubby was actually disappointed there wasn’t more oak but I was delighted it was on the acidic side with lots of fruit.

The link to their website says under construction, so not linking them tonight.  They have a presence in the Methow Valley, by the Canadian Border and in Seattle, but that isn’t listed on Facebook, so they must produce a decent amount of wine to distribute.  Let me know if you have seen it by you so I can gauge this one.

We had one other wine from them the summer before last, their Nebbiolo, which was not like any Nebbiolo we had tasted previously.  It was good, but I don’t recall enough about it to expand upon it here.  I am sure we will make a weekend trip up there to check out them and a few of the breweries located nearby after I am finished with school.

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