Treveri Blanc de Blanc, Brut

Treveri Cellars, Blanc de Blanc, brut from Washington State's Yakima Valley.
Treveri Cellars, Blanc de Blanc, brut from Washington State’s Yakima Valley.
Trevari Cellars Gewürztraminer, demi-sec.
Trevari Cellars Gewürztraminer, demi-sec.

We are deep into holiday seasons when cleaning and decorating, shopping and cooking/baking, wrapping and shipping, to say nothing of gathering and sharing dominate the collective psyche.  Just as there is Christmas music piped into every store, there will be sparkling wine at most, of these large gatherings.  I am a finicky sparkling wine drinker – at least my body rebels when readily available, less expensive sparkling is all that is available.  (I have been known to wet my lips in a toast and pass my glass on to my hubby.)

Priced in the mid- to high teens, Yakima Valley’s Treveri Cellars is a great sparkling-dedicated Washington State winery making wines via the ‘Methode Champenoise’.  We have had their Gewürztraminer demi-sec and their Blanc de Blanc brut during the last two months.  Each was lovely (with no dire side affects for me – a most important aspect).

The Blanc de Blanc, brut began with a yeasty, tart apple nose opening through to a crisp, acidic finish.

The Gewürztraminer, demi-sec also opened yeasty, but more floral on the nose releasing traditional Gewürztraminer aromas and flavors while the sweetness was well balanced by the acids.

They have several more on offer; we hope to make a day trip to the Yakima Valley to visit the winery during the holidays.


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