Spiced Apple Wine from 2011

2011 Spiced Apple Wine has aged beautifully! Our last bottle...
2011 Spiced Apple Wine has aged beautifully! Our last bottle…

In the Fall of 2011 we went to a Mennonite Auction; our only purchase was six gallons of fresh pressed apple cider from their red & green Delicious orchards.  These apples were tree ripened, pressed within minutes of picking and chilled in the back of our truck on the twenty minute drive home; amazingly good tasting cider.  We were determined to make an apple wine with whole spices with it.

Nearly five gallons went into the carboy, we enjoyed the rest in just a few days.  When it finished fermenting this wine was pretty disappointing, but we put it away in the cellar with high hopes.  A year later we tasted some; it had definitely improved and we shared it with friends and family.

When we moved to Walla Walla we had one bottle left.  This weekend, chilly and damp, seemed the perfect time to see how this wine has aged in the last three years.

Mulled cider with a kick; since we didn’t calculate the alcohol content at first we don’t have a firm idea what it is now.  It is dry with apple and spice on the palate and a nice smoothness that it didn’t have before.   I will be making my family’s sauerkraut and pork dish to pair with the remainder of the bottle tonight.

When we moved into the house twenty-one months ago we had the last bottle of our first wine, a Cherry Wine, which was excellent.  Now we have a couple of wines from our last year in our old house and a couple from our first Autumn in this house.  Hoping they will age as nicely as these early wines.


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