Two EE’s Winery, Huntington, Indiana

Two EE's red wines and the Rose' of Primitivo.
Two EE’s red wines and the Rose’ of Primitivo.

An opportunity arose for me to taste several Indiana wines last week; not sure I would have a reason to go to Indiana to try these wines which made this a potentially once-in-a-lifetime experience.

There is a mix of vinifera, fruit and hybrid wines offered by Two EE’s Winery out of Huntington, Indiana.  With an open mind and a tremendous curiosity, I reviewed the bottles at hand to discover the reds and the Rose’ and white were all 2013 vintage; possibly a bit young for the reds?  According to my benefactor the wine sells rapidly and 2013 is what there is to sell, young or not.  It would have been fun to taste the fruit wines as we have a soft spot for them having made several, maybe sometime in the future.  The back of the labels are fun, written in first person from the perspective of the wine, with references to life-style and fashion, and all the romance a bottle of wine represents and yet they do convey aspects of what the wine ‘is’ within those few lines.

Two EE's Anglianico.
Two EE’s Aglianico.

Using estate and locally grown fruit and grapes as well as vinifera grapes purchased from vineyards in the western US and fairly heavily toasted oak barrels, the owners Eric and Emily (thereby the two E’s connection) built an approximately 10,000 case winery in the last few years.

Two EE's Gruner Veltliner.
Two EE’s Gruner Veltliner.

From the very dry, smokey Norton (14.6%), from Missouri, to the sweet and fruity ‘Planque’ made of Concord grapes there is something for everyone.  My favorite was the Aglionico (15.3%) with lovely dark and red fruits, dark chocolate and a sandalwood finish. (This is another grape to check off of the Wine Century Club list!)

The one white available for tasting was the Gruner Veltliner (12.3%).  Light, crisp and perfectly acidic with citrus and a bit of white pepper.  I also really enjoyed this wine.

Thank you Jason for sharing!

Are you familiar with the Two EE’s Winery?  Have you a favorite wine from them?  I would enjoy hearing from you about your experiences.


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