Franz Gojer 2012 Kerner Karneid

2012 Franz Gojer Kerner Karneid.
2012 Franz Gojer Kerner Karneid.

Kerner is a new grape varietal for us (check off another grape on the Wine Century List).  We are never sure where we will find bottles locally to further this cause, so when we discover one we are usually pretty proud of ourselves.  This bottle of 2012 Franz Gojer Kerner was on the clearance shelf of one of the local grocery stores right before New Year’s Eve.  Funny thing is we can’t recall seeing it anywhere on those shelves since we have been here.  I realize this is pretty unimportant, but we would probably have bought the bottle prior to it going on clearance due to the new grape thing.

Light and crisp, opening with a lightly perfumed nose followed by apple and citrus notes, this wine reminded me instantly of Riesling and had me wishing for a warm evening on the porch instead of the dreary, cold, winter one at hand.  Alas, Kerner is a 1929 cross of Riesling and Trollinger or Schiava  (a red grape) from Wurttemberg, Germany.  The red parent apparently stabilized some of Riesling’s temperamental tendencies in the vineyard and muted the flavor profile some.  It was in the northern Italian Sudtiroler-Alto Adige region (Karneid, specifically) where this bottle originated relatively close to Austria’s border with Italy at high altitude (1950’/600 m above sea level).  There are all kinds of language-related names and the winding history of the parents and Kerner itself in the links.  I will leave you to it should you wish to pursue it further as I already have several assignments and quizzes to study for.


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