Super Bowl XLIX, Hawks vs Pats

Seattle isn’t used to going to the Super Bowl, but two years in a row, really gets the blood flowing here in the west.  I knew of parties just about everywhere – but the one we went to was good for us.  There was one tee-shirt and ball cap, one in close Seahawks colors and the rest in whatever they had in the closet; we were gathered to support a team rather than an industry if you will.  We were also gathered to have a deliciously prepared meal (compliments to Fiona, our chef); a taco bar that was better than any stadium food could ever be and we had wine, some beer, but wine was the go-to beverage.  Hey, we are in the EV program at WWCC – what else would we be drinking?

We started Super Bowl 2015 with a Portland Gamay Bouveau - very nice.
We started Super Bowl 2015 with a Portland Gamay Nouveau – very nice.
When watching the Seahawks play in the Super Bowl what do you drink?
When watching the Seahawks play in the Super Bowl what do you drink?

Pre-game, with the tacos, we were enjoying a 2014 Gamay Nouveau from Portland, Oregon’s own Bow and Arrow Wines.  It was fruity and fun and still delightfully fresh; probably the best nouveau I have had to date.There were Fat Tire Beers, Pacifico (with lime) and several more bottles of wine as the game progressed.  Did you watch it?  Pats, Hawks… Pats, Hawks and half-time.  We had more food, discussed the game so far and what could come in the last half.  We weren’t down with the ref calls or the coach calls, but who were we (misfits in the world of sports really) to make Super Bowl decisions while sipping wine.  But the wine, we called it well: Forgeron Cellars 2011 Primitivo and Merlot, Seven Hills 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon, Gramercy Cellars 2011 L’idiot du Village (90% Mourvedre, 5% Syrah, 5% Cinsault) and Cayuse 2011 Syrah.  Yeah, we are all Washington wine geeks.

Hope you enjoyed the game; it was much better than last years from this jaded viewer’s perspective.  Hockey and Basketball are still mid-season, relax and enjoy, Spring is on its way and Baseball will take over the conversation… always an excuse to gather and enjoy a bottle of wine with friends.


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