More bottling scheduled

Several local vineyards and a few further north have been posting pictures of bud break already; a couple of weeks earlier than usual.  Hoping we don’t see any more frosty nights now.  Our early November cold spell caused some bud loss in the valley, but nothing like the 2014 vintage in the Northeast.

It is the middle of Spring Break week, I’m attempting to balance the desire to just relax with the need to complete some tasks in the house/garden and not one but two more bottling days are scheduled. When I chose to work with more than one winery, which can make for a very busy crush, I wasn’t thinking ahead to how much bottling that would mean.  Next Monday and then again two weeks later I am slated to help with bottling for Lagana Cellars with a few barrels of wine for Mustard Seed Cellars and Locati Cellars respectively.  Spending the day bottling the efforts of all of our labor from the last couple of harvests (reds are from 2013 and whites 2014) will be fun and we will all go home knowing it is ready to drink; satisfying.


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