Overbluff Cellars, the friendliest winery in Spokane!

We drove under I-90 and circled around the small streets until we discovered the narrow driveway that announced itself as Overbluff Cellars.  Opening the front door we heard laughter and chatter; warming on that chilly day.  There was no room at the tasting bar so we chose a table and were closely followed in by a guy carrying a split of wine, which he announced was his latest find for his friend, Jerry.

Jerry Gibson, wine maker and original owner, along with his wife Penny is a charming, friendly person in his element behind the bar of his tasting room, serving his wines and laughing with his adoring customers.  Personal attention, passionate winemaking and humble service are this man; he is real and lives life with the intent to make the world a bit better where he can.  He shares a little of himself as he pours glasses of wine for visitors; he shares his history and his dreams to those who listen.  It was a pleasure to spend time at Overbluff Cellars.

Only small lots of wine are made and they are sold only from the tasting room where they sell out fairly quickly.  His friend with the split of wine? That is Rick, he helps out at crush and working the tasting room when he isn’t in Alaska teaching computer networking at the UofA.  After a few minutes conversation Rick says his niece went through the WWCC EV program I am currently in – yup, I know her!  (Small world reminder yet again.)

Rick brought Jerry a Camagnola Giuseppe Campagnola Amarone della Valpolicella Classico 2005 DOC and we were invited to participate in tasting that gift as we each had a flight (recall that we usually share) of Overbluff Cellars wines.

Partway through our time in this winery a young couple with their eight month old son, sitting at the table next to us told us, “Overbluff Cellars is the ‘Cheers’ of Spokane.”  When they moved there, prior to being parents, someone suggested they go on a Saturday and they have spent many of their weekends there as it is such a friendly place.  It seems that is how it is with most of the people we saw there that day.  Amazing what a warm, welcoming personality can do with a small space and how everyone there is smiling and welcoming in turn.

Jerry’s wines:

  • 2013 Dry Riesling
  • 2014 Viognier
  • 2013 Les Colline Merlot
  • 2013 Spofford Station Syrah
  • NV OH Jerry! Proprietor’s Blend – 4% Cabernet Sauvignon and 60% Syrah

My favorite was the 2013 Syrah: umami,smoke, blackberries and vanilla bean; smooth and silky tannins.

We look forward to visiting with Jerry and enjoying some wine again on a future visit to Spokane.


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