First Farmers Market of 2015, with wine tasting

The 2015 Farmers Market season began last Saturday!  As I worked or left town every weekend of last year it was nice to get up and wander through the stalls.  We brought home fresh vegetables, local honey, goat/sheep milk yogurt, and two Anaheim pepper plants for the hubby to nurture along with some wine.  Last April (in 2014) wine tasting at the market was approved so there was a fenced-in booth where you could taste up to two ounces of wine.  Since we moved from a very small community that wouldn’t have qualified to have wine tasting, I began wondering how many markets have approved this and have wine poured during the market.  So, putting this out there – does your local Farmers Market have wine tasting available?  Is it a winery or a wine shop that pours?


6 thoughts on “First Farmers Market of 2015, with wine tasting

    1. Curious, I looked that up last night.: eFarmersMarkets.pdf. Wine shops aren’t qualified to sell, only wineries and breweries when the market meets initial requirements. Not a complicated read, worth brining to the markets you would like to see have this option. Good luck, let me know how it goes!


    1. Maybe someone needs to suggest it? Would you be willing to take that on to be lucky? It would be interesting to watch the process; I would provide what support I could from the West Coast!


  1. Ours just opened Saturday, too. The one in Napa is only until 12 and focuses mostly on produce, but it is held at a marketplace called the Oxbow which has all kinds of restaurants, wine shops, etc.

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