Mustard Seed Cellars: seek and you shall find

Walla Walla, world recognized wine destination, is also a recognized winemakers destination.  There is something to be said for arriving in this small, friendly town with a significant winery per capita ratio and making a name for yourself within the local wine industry.  Some, like me, come here specifically for the industry, others find themselves lured in, captivated and driven to take part, like my friends Gary and Dawn.  They came to Walla Walla for reasons totally unrelated to wine and found within a few years the desire to grow grapes and make wine; this has manifested in Miracles Vineyard and Mustard Seed Cellars.

Gary attended the WWCC EV program, graduating June 2013; the same program I will graduate from next month.  Both he and Dawn have been working at established wineries, learning more about the business of the industry while taking the necessary steps to launch their own label and grow their own grapes.  This March I helped bottle their first wine: 2013 Walla Walla Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.  This wine will be released for sale in early August, just a few months from now!

Participating in their experiences, cheering them on where we couldn’t help, and knowing that each step toward success has obstacles and hurdles to overcome.  It has been enlightening, exciting and educational as my graduation looms large and we look at the next few years to determine what path we want to take through the same course, what other lessons will we need to learn to reach that goal of being recognized in the Walla Walla wine world.  Look for it: 2013 Moving Mountains Cabernet Sauvignon this August!


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