Happy Memorial Day 2015

American Flag over tree tops, Walla Walla, Washington.
Liberty and justice for all; remember the fallen and thank all service men and women for fighting so we are free.

Thank you to all who have serviced, and are serving, in our United States Armed Forces.  Memorial Day can come and go with barbecues and parties, but 3:00 PM local time, take a moment to remember why this is a  holiday.  Our nation is free because of the brave; let their service and sacrifice not go unrecognized.

However you celebrate, stay safe and have fun!  Cheers!

3 thoughts on “Happy Memorial Day 2015

  1. Hi, Got it. The flag is big on your facebook but perfect on your blog. I called my brother Doug, the Vietnam vet, this morning and had a good talk. It has been a good day. Thanks for all your help with my Word Press.

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