Brushes & Brix: a fun night out

Nearly four years ago I participated in an evening of wine and painting at Brix & Stone in Ephrata: Corks & Canvas – a painting party.  I haven’t developed my painting skills alongside my wine making skills during the last few years, but I had a good time at Plumb Cellars making a valiant attempt with Barb, proprietor of Brushes & Brix here in Walla Walla.  For the last two years part of my crush time has been with Lagana Cellars, right next door to Brushes & Brix at the airport; her talent hasn’t rubbed off due to proximity.

Wine is an industry unto itself, but it certainly perpetuates other businesses.  We have some fabulous restaurants here in Walla Walla because wine should be paired with food, right?  Places for people to stay while visiting has encouraged more hotel accommodations; the local airport is busier than ever with a case of wine leaving with nearly every visitor as it is ‘free’ baggage all the way home.  This summer we anticipate being overwhelmed with visitors for the Gentlemen of the Road weekend August 14-15 as music pairs beautifully with wine.  In fact, we are scheduled to be at a couple of concerts at wineries this summer because the connection is so entrenched.

I have met some wonderful people since diving into the wine industry, we have done some exciting things and found ourselves in fascinating situations (i.e. distributor tastings, pouring at events on short notice).  It has been a growing experience!  In that vein, I am sharing with you my painting from this latest event despite extreme self criticisms (i.e. two dimensions rather than three, etc.).


My Brushes & Brix painting at Plumb Cellars.
My Brushes & Brix painting at Plumb Cellars. Wine and paining, wine and music, wine and food, wine and people – all good pairings!

4 thoughts on “Brushes & Brix: a fun night out

  1. I still think you painting is great. You’re perfectionist ways make you a tough critic on yourself. Maybe if you painted without wine consumption?

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