Commencement and Company

Diploma in hand, my most recent educational pursuits are realized.
Diploma in hand, my most recent educational pursuits are realized.

I have pictured graduation day for six months, visualized it pretty vividly for the last three.  Chose a cute outfit, low heels and my jewelry and everything, which is pretty out of character for me actually.  Mike’s death meant I wouldn’t we wearing make-up for graduation as the tears would be too close to the surface as his wife walked in his place to accept his diploma.  Wouldn’t have missed being present for that moment for anything!

Swollen left foot from a thorn injury.
Swollen left foot meant I wasn’t wearing heels for graduation.

What I didn’t visualize was the thorn I would step on while cutting mint leaves for ice blocks I wanted to get in the freezer for the celebrating we would do after Commencement.  In just a few quick seconds my big toe swelled nearly impeding my ability to pull the thorn out.  It was agonizing and I was hobbling around the kitchen groaning in pain when my husband came home from work.  There went the heels in my graduation vision.  In fact, until Saturday morning when I was dressed I wasn’t even sure I would get any foot ware on!  Thankfully, I owned a pair of sandals I could wiggle into.

So many people, near and far, have cheered me on, not least my virtual community; I want to thank you all.  Having pneumonia over December break my first year was a major hurdle, my Fibromyalgia caused some problems at times, and I took too many credits to do anything else during the quarter a few times but I was determined to complete this program in the two years I expected to.  The crowd that showed up to be with me for Commencement made all of that effort worth while.

Sabrina serving cake at our EV party. Look at that cake!
Sabrina serving cake at our EV party. Look at that cake!

In the WWCC Enology and Viticulture program we learned to grow grapes, make and taste wine – but we all seem to know how to party!  A bar of wines we made during our two years in the program, trays of food and a huge cake greeted us at the EV building post Commencement.  Then we took it home to have a good time for the rest of the evening.

Thankfully, Sunday night my swollen foot began to shrink back to normal size.  (It took a lot of foot soaking but it is happening.) I am scheduled to be in Locati’s Cellar on Tuesday and Wednesday and in the tasting room come the weekend and I am looking forward to living the life I studied for.

Next chapter begins, Cheers!

4 thoughts on “Commencement and Company

  1. Congrats on your graduation!

    My Mr Wino had an exam yesterday, he is in year 5 of 6 of his winemaking degree.

    Oh his graduation day will be sweet, no more studying (and lots more time to do yard and housework hooray!!)

    Cheers, Louise@WillungaWino

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