Celebrating Walla Walla’s Wine and Onions this weekend

I will spend my first weekend working in the Locati Cellars Tasting Room on the ground floor of the Marcus Whitman Hotel; the tallest building in Walla Walla and a beautifully restored 1920’s hotel.  I am pretty excited to be selling the wines I have been helping to make for two years.  Specializing in Italian varietals we won’t be part of the Celebrate Walla Walla Valley Wines that is happening this weekend focusing on Merlot.  (Last year was Syrah, so not one of our grapes either.)  Considering the French Canadian fur trappers (most married to Native American wives), Italian, German and Irish immigrants settled the valley, wine grapes have been grown for a long time.  Another long time crop is the Walla Walla Sweet Onion, originally a French sweet onion that was brought over as seed and flourished in the valley’s soils.  This weekend also marks the Walla Walla Sweet Onion Festival!  So much yumminess doesn’t consider the asparagus that is waning in the heat, the strawberries (Klicker Strawberries are well-known) that are at the peak of their season and the oodles of fresh produce and local honey that I love to shop for at the Farmers Market on Saturday’s.  For a small town in a relatively remote valley in Southeastern Washington State, we can pack a weekend full of deliciousness!  Good think it is a bike friendly town and walking is encouraged or I would have a terrible weight problem.  If you haven’t been to Walla Walla before, consider visiting next year.


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