Working through the weekend

Crush knows no holiday, but working in the tasting room takes advantage of holidays.  Thus, I spent Thursday through Saturday in the Locati Cellars tasting room with some very fun people from Ireland, Canada, Arizona, Idaho and lots of folks from the westside of both Washington and Oregon (west of the Cascade Mountain Range).  It was a blast, no down time with lots of wine lovers.

Borleske Stadium, Walla Walla Sweets home game, July 2015.
Great way to spend a Summer’s Eve; Walla Walla Sweet’s home game.
Walla Walla night sky July 2015
Venus and Jupiter in the night sky (taken with an iPhone).

My hubby and I have had to adjust our routines to accommodate my new schedule, which is naturally opposite his.  One evening we went to the Walla Walla Sweets baseball games.  They are a collegiate team playing in the West Coast League; we are going to go to more of those!  A little sky watching on the way home to see the ‘twin stars’ of Venus and Jupiter.  We also attended an industry party and danced until the coach turned back into a pumpkin and the horses back to mice; alas, this will remain an occasional activity despite the fun.

Sunset over the vines, July 4th 2015 Sweetempranillo
Sunset over the vines, July 4th. Stan Clarke Vineyard, Walla Walla

Fourth of July I came home to a lovely supper from the grill with a beer before meeting friends to watch the town’s official fireworks across town.  Revelry Riesling hit the spot in the still, hot night air.

Truthfully, we could be occupied every night of the week, but we have to find some balance.  This coming week we plan to do ‘Food Truck Night’ at the Incubators on Monday and catch some music at another winery on Saturday.  We will broaden our local experiences with music and theatre offered locally until we can make time for a road trip!  Hopefully everyone had a safe and fun long weekend!  Anything special?


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