Honeywood Winery Gooseberry Wine

Gooseberry wine and fresh, ripe gooseberries
Honeywood Winery’s Gooseberry wine with some fresh, ripe gooseberries from my garden.

On a whim we went through the wine section of a Fred Meyer about an hour away from home (closest to our house).  They have quite a selection of Washington wine on the shelves with a nice balance of wine from everywhere else.  We always look for fruit wines to compare to what we have made and we hit the jackpot here!  Honeywood Winery in Salem, Oregon had several wines represented.  It wasn’t surprising the wine is from Oregon as we encountered an open mindset that wine can be made from fruit other than vinifera grapes while we were visiting the last two times.  When time allows another Willamette Valley visit, I hope to go through Salem to check out their wares at the source.

Ripe gooseberries ready for picking and love-in-a-mist.
Ripe gooseberries ready for picking and love-in-a-mist.

We grow gooseberries and pick them when they are red and ripe and sweet.  I am thinking the gooseberries in the bottle are picked before they are ripe and that was a good thing!  Our currant wine has gooseberries in it as they are from the same genus (Ribes).  So we were anxious to see how this wine compared.

Gooseberry Wine from Honeywood Winery has a starfruit and honeysuckle nose but is all gooseberry (fruit, not sweet) on the palate with the perfectly balanced acid finish for a quenchable, 11% ABV wine.  Would you be open-minded about trying gooseberry wine?


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