How to beat the summer heat

For the last two weeks or more we have been experiencing triple digit temperatures, not unheard of, but record-setting this early in the summer, and for a longer duration than welcome.  What is one to do to beat this heat?

Several years ago, about fifteen actually, I learned to make wine spritzers with some friends from Romania.  Having not had alcohol for many years prior (while married to an alcoholic that was drinking during that time) I hadn’t seen anything like it.  They were drinking all kinds of American wine and beer to experience it, so I was too; therapeutic in many ways those friends and that time.

Strawberry wine and glass of spritzer
Strawberry wine spritzer to relieve the 100+ heat!

During the hottest part of the Western Washington summer we would purchase tonic water and a sweeter wine, white or red, and mix the two with some ice cubes: viola, a refreshing spritzer to take the edge off of the heat, which was not nearly as hot as it has been here.

Two years ago we made strawberry wine from the local Klicker Strawberries.  It has matured into a lovely (sweeter than anticipated) with a pretty good kick beverage.  Tonight, at 102 F in Walla Walla, a salad for dinner and a strawberry spritzer hit the spot!

How are you staying cool?  Cheers!

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