A fantastic pairing: wine & music

For a few years, when we lived in the small town of Ephrata, Washington, I helped put on a free music festival called Basin Summer Sounds.  My first year, 2010, our Friday night bands included Carbon Leaf from Richland, Virginia.  Listening to them, from a place I couldn’t watch them, I really enjoyed their music – so did my hubby!  We down loaded some music on iTunes, bought a CD, and talked about going to see them in concert; front of house, type see them.  Last October we went to Spokane in the middle of October to do just that, despite it being the middle of Crush.  This weekend we took another opportunity to see them at a private concert at Kerloo Cellars in Seattle’s SODO district.  Excellent wine, fun food from MAXImus miniMUS food truck, and the terrific sounds of Carbon Leaf with new people to get to know.  Of course, once we were all the way on the other side of Washington State, we took the opportunity to visit family and close friends making it a great long weekend.

This September, again during Crush, Carbon Leaf will be in Walla Walla, at Main Street Studios.  We already have our VIP tickets for that show!  If you are local, get your tickets before they are gone; it will be a terrific show.  Naturally, there will be fantastic Walla Walla wine at this event as well.


9 thoughts on “A fantastic pairing: wine & music

  1. Carbon Leaf combined with Kerloo Cellars great wine. It was a winning combination & a great time. It was great being up & personal with the band. What a great bunch of guys & uber talented!

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      1. It was meh… Jon had to work and I worked in the yard (so hot!) We are broke anyway, due to having purchased some new chairs and paying for my horse’s recent surgery. Although I would love to go wine tasting and replenish the stock (which is painfully low…), we are trying to be good. 🙂

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      2. He is! The wounds are just about closed, and he is doing great – sweating everyday just like the rest of us. The chairs are on order – so they haven’t arrived yet… 🙂


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