Everything but…

Knowing we were going through Roslyn, WA last week, I got in touch with a writing friend to see if she would be at her shop when we came through. Happily, she was indeed at Kitchen Sink (aka 21st Century Scullery Maid)! Located across from the Brick Tavern, in the Heritage Registered NWI building. She reopened her kitchen shop in November of last year with specialty cooking and food items; from 2005-09 Kitchen Sink was located across the street in a bright red shed-sized building. This go-round she added wines, primarily NW wines unique to the area, to her inventory. Tastings of featured wines are available each weekend, Friday through Sunday. There are some imported wines to fill style gaps or because she thought they were great tasting wines. If you travel I-90, consider a break in Roslyn as your pit-stop. You can grab a bottle of wine to have when you arrive at your destination or take a gift for that special person. Besides, it is a historical town worthy of your attention.


Not sure where Roslyn, WA is? Were you a fan of the TV show Northern Exposure? Roslyn is the real-life site of that show. Each summer there is a Moose Fest; this weekend is the 25th Anniversary of the show.  Check out moosefest.org to learn more about this festival.

Coal and lumber were the original industry leaders in Roslyn, now outdoor pursuits and tourism based upon the town’s historic roots keep it alive and well. Swiftwater Cellars is also located in the Suncadia Resort, although we ran out of time to stop there this trip, it is still a priority winery to check out.

Still plenty of summer for a quick Northwest vacation, or maybe a future road trip. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Everything but…

  1. Sounds like Roslyn is even more worth a stop now. One of the neatest things there is the cemetery, one of the coolest I’ve ever seen. Also bought my first cast iron pot in the hardware store there. Special fondness for Roslyn indeed, despite never having seen that show yet! 🙂

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