Walla Walla Stopover 2015, thank you Gentlemen!

Gentlemen if the Road tour is in Walla Walla August 13-15 2015.
Gentlemen if the Road tour is in Walla Walla August 13-15 2015.

Do you listen to SiriusXM Radio or Spotify? This summer’s ‘Gentlemen of the Road‘ concert tour includes Walla Walla, Washington: Mumford and Sons, Foo Fighters, Dawes, Flaming Lips, Jenny Lewis, and several more are HERE NOW. Since it was announced in January the excitement and anticipation have been crazy. Road construction in town was sped up to be finished in time to accommodate the 40,000 expected visitors, roadies, vendors, and media descending upon our fairly remote corner of Washington State. Scuttlebutt about where the bands are staying, if Pearl Jam will make an appearance, etc,. have dominated Facebook and Twitter.

Locati Cellars white and rose' wines with #GOTR W2 commemorative glasses
Locati Cellars white and rose’ wines with #GOTR W2 commemorative glasses

Probably the biggest question in town though is whether these visitors will be interested in wine, not the grocery store version, but premium, Walla Walla wine. Beer, yes, that is even mentioned in their online description of towns they have visited; we also have a couple of fabulous breweries. All of downtown Main Street is barricaded for walking only. There are wineries and

#GOTR Walla Walla Stopover commemorative wine glasses.
#GOTR Walla Walla Stopover commemorative wine glasses.

restaurants in ‘The Zone’ with local bands playing  on a couple of street stages each night to encourage the visiting night owls to party as long as possible. The Airport wineries have people pitching tents and parking trailers all around them, they are extending hours too.

Marcus Whitman employee parking pass for #GOTR
Small town parking management during our big music weekend.

We, Locati Cellars and Lagana Cellars, are not in ‘The Zone’ despite being downtown. The five wineries here in the Marcus Whitman Hotel and those on Rose and 2nd are gambling on decent numbers to bolster our summer sales. Collectable wine ‘glasses’ are all over town. Special shipping deals and bulk wine sale prices are announced. We have spiffed up our spaces, stocked as much as possible, and joked with each other about how this weekend might go. The wineries outside of town are hoping for some spill over of the expected flood. Boon or bust, it is an exciting time in our little town.

My hubby and I had the opportunity to spend an evening enjoying Hamilton Loomis at Sapolil Cellars, Blake Noble at Kontos Cellars, and a handful of other bands as we wandered Main Street last night.  Would you have liked your town to be one of the stop overs on the Gentlemen of the Road Tour?

Walla Walla stopover of #GOTR line-up poster
Walla Walla stopover of #GOTR line-up poster


3 thoughts on “Walla Walla Stopover 2015, thank you Gentlemen!

  1. That would have been nice! Actually Napa has a festival now called BottleRock which is a lot of fun- and we get some pretty big names here. My friend who’s familiar with your area was wondering how little Walla Walla was going to handle all of the people coming for the festival?

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    1. The expected crowd will double the population in our valley for the weekend. Most locals are doing less in and around town to avoid the hassles. It is interesting to see the lengths some people have gone to avoiding or making themselves invaluable to visitors.

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    2. Thought I would revisit your question now. We had about 22,000 people here over last weekend. We handled it all very well; probably could have managed the anticipated 40K but good we didn’t have to. This was a great trial run, now to think about how to make music a part of our long term annual plans. Thanks for your information about the BottleRock Festival.

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