Week 2 of Crush 2015

Locati Wine production space before red grapes arrive.
So open and empty, shortly we will have fermentation bins filling this space!

Friday of last week we filtered the 2013 red wines for bottling on Monday emptying a few barrels so the incoming fruit will have a place to go when it is ready to go into MLF.  We had a new filtering unit arrive at the farm, unexpected, and then the new bottling truck, ‘Infinite Wave’, expected.  Walla Walla is big enough to warrant the filtering rig in the local area all the time.  (Although, the guy that runs it parks it and does crush for a local winery for the next couple of months.)

We processed Sangiovese from our estate vineyard on Wednesday, crushing 4.5 tons of fruit to be pressed on Thursday morning.  Later on Thursday we crushed Dolcetto; punch down season has officially begun with our lone fermenter!  Friday we press the Breezy Slope Pinot Gris – our local Pinot Gris from the higher elevations.

We also moved our tasting room from one suite in the Marcus Whitman to a larger space next to it early this week.  It is exciting to have more room, a larger bar and the ability to accommodate larger groups.  The wines, cigars, openers and cash drawer were set up on Monday night, after bottling all day.  Our fantastic tasting room assistants did a terrific job of completing the move-in of all of the other ‘stuff’.  There will be time made next week to decorate the space, pictures will come of that – because then you will recognize the tasting room when you come into Walla Walla.


Blue Creek Fire area east of Walla Walla.
Blue Creek Fire area east of Walla Walla.

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