Week 3 Crush 2015: the calm before the storm

Rain barrel filling a watering can with mint behind.
We got 8/10′ rain and my rain barrels are full!

We had rain! Friday evening it began rather quietly; Saturday morning we had no power for several hours.  My dry rain barrels are full, my potted plants are happy to have the rain water again and we haven’t had to use water the yard all week.  After the intense fires this summer it was with joy that we experienced rain during harvest; one reason trumps another.  What have you been up to this week?

Friday we pressed the Breezy Slope Pinot Gris for our Walla Walla Pinot Gris and pressed the Cockburn Ranch Dolcetto (‘CODO’).  Saturday, with no fruit coming in, Hubby and I met friends at the Ellensburg Rodeo; no rain there, but it was very windy and cold.  Sunday we rode the bike out to the Farm to do Dolcetto punch downs and it began to rain.  We took the time to shop for some necessities, an indoor activity, before returning to stir up trouble in the Dolcetto bin again.  The best part of the weekend was having my Hubby home an extra day – although, he might have wanted to be back at his own work rather than helping me scrub fermentation bins at the Farm before taking a much desired motorcycle ride through the hills.  The tasting room needed wine stocked, so we discovered the outside sign had been moved and the window decals had been applied – we are now official, but still not decorated.

The Orange Muscat came in on Tuesday, lots of time pressing as it is a fairly slippery grape.  It is worth every minute though as the dry fermented Orange Muscat (DOM) pairs beautifully with herb rubbed, grilled lamb and cheeses.  It has aromas of honey and orange blossom that evolve into a lovely herbal palate.

TC studying the FAR AIM.
My hubby passed his flight physical!

The best highlight of this week was the love of my life passing his flight physical on Wednesday morning!  It is his turn to study hard and pass tests, albeit not for the length of time I needed to be certified in viticulture and enology.  Exciting times in our lives, no telling how this might turn out, maybe he will blog about his experience…

I played in my garden Thursday, harvesting and weeding.  It was mostly a restful day so I can be ready for our pressing of the Dolcetto on Friday morning.  Then we prepare for the onslaught of Barbera and Rousanne grapes, possibly one of the two Cabernet Sauvignon’s we anticipate as well.  Want to help process grapes?  We don’t do much foot-stomping, but we do take a hands-on approach.  Where your grubbies, wash your hands and come on out.

Cheers, until next week!

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