Week 5 Crush 2015: Locati Cellars is 100% in-house

Last weekend I had the pleasure of working in the tasting room, our new tasting room, for the first time since we began harvest.  It was great to open the doors in this space during the day and pour for customers rather than just run in to accomplish momentary tasks like deposits and change needs, or bringing cases of wine to replenish what has sold.  No actual decorating has been done, but this is twice the space we had in the suite next door.  By the way, that space no longer exists, it has been joined to Tero Estate’s tasting room on the corner so they have more room also.

Monday night we all made time to go to the Carbon Leaf  Concert at Main Street Studios here in Walla Walla.  My wonderful husband and partner in wine humored me through yet another crazy scheme: we worked the Merchandise table for the band before and after their show.  Thanks for coming to Walla Walla guys, yet another fantastic performance; we appreciate you brining your music to us. Do you know Carbon Leaf? If you haven’t look them up on iTunes.

Locati Cellars has had all of the white grapes in for a while, during the last couple of weeks we fermented three of the four red grapes (Dolcetto, Barbera and Cabernet Sauvignon).  While I was down with the flu Jason pressed them all to tank.  I felt well enough to work the next day and got them all barreled before we began crushing fruit:

The rest of the day we crushed Seven Hills Vineyard Cabernet Franc for Lagana Cellars and the very last Locati Cellars we anticipate this year, Mission Hills Estate Vineyard Sangiovese.  I was very thankful for the extra help that day as my still-not-well body wasn’t ready to work hard from sun-up to sun-down.  Philip, you rock, thanks for pinch-hitting.

Tension wire wrapped around a crusher bar.
Sometimes you find the craziest things, this is tension wire from the vineyard that made it into the bin of grapes and then the crusher.

Cleaning up we took apart the crusher/destemmer to discover a piece of tension wire from the vineyard wrapped up inside.  This is hand-picked fruit, no machines until it hits the crush pad.  We heard something, but thought we would discover a rock in one of the bins when we pressed the fruit off.  Alas, no one was hurt, the machine is fine and the wire is now in the trash, where it should have gone originally.

We will miss making our Locati Cellars Primitivo due to Les Colline’s loss of the vines during last November’s freeze. Having all of our Locati fruit in-house by the first day of Autumn is surreal. Lagana Cellars is just over half in; the next few weeks might bring it all in.  We still have warm days and nice weather, but I will keep you informed, thanks for following along. Cheers!

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