Week 6 Crush 2015: A juggling act

Nobody makes us, there is no coercion, but we feel compelled to say yes to something we realize will only cause us more stress than we want.  But, that said, we still say yes and take the consequences; know what I am talking about?  Grape harvest with one winery can be taxing enough, for two wineries at opposite sides of the Valley, it gets complicated.  This year Jason said he would crush, press and ferment the Rose’ for G. Cuneo at Lagana Cellars.  As I work with Jason, but don’t typically have a say in the Lagana decisions, I was thinking I was helping press Riesling, the last white grape to come in when I ended up helping crush Sangiovese instead.  Divide and conquer, make it work, do what needs to be done; all of those things went through my head as we balanced the workload of two different activities on a small crush pad.  It worked, we managed to accomplish both pressing and crushing before dark… clean up was more cumbersome than usual as you can imagine.


We had 3.7 tons of Carmenere’ and Cabernet Sauvignon from Seven Hills Vineyard come in too.  I am fairly sensitive to the pyrazines (bell and chile pepper flavors) in Bordeaux varietals.  From the first taste of the Carmenere’ it was apparent that despite the hot summer ripening of the fruit was different than other years.


Did I mention that it is Fall wine club time?  And we need tasting notes for those wines, that means a pleasant evening of a relaxed nature instead of a physical workout.  We bottled at the beginning of September, but a problem with the labeler left us with unlabeled bottles.  Hand labeling and then preparing the boxes to ship… until we ran out of packing inserts.  Yup, we don’t have enough to do, but wine club ships now because the weather is good most places.

My hubby took me for a joy ride over the Walla Walla Valley one evening.  It was my first time up in a small plane since I first went to college in the eighties; this was a much better flight!

We also had the iPad software update go off the rails and had to spend a couple of hours clearing and reloading the machine that allows our tasting room to function.  This one wasn’t a choice, but it was necessary to address ASAP.  Ah, but we are so very close to the end of Harvest.  Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Week 6 Crush 2015: A juggling act

  1. It was a pleasure to help taste the wine while you prepared your tasting notes. All three wines were good but I was especially fond of the Cab Sav. It’s great to taste the first vintage wines that you were involved in making. I see awards forthcoming for these wines.

    Thanks also, for being brave enough to fly with me. I look forward to many trips by airplane in the future.


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