Week 7 Crush 2015: Downhill slide from here

Pressing Sangiovese for Locati Cellars started this week off.  It was a nice day, not too cool, not too warm and the bees (including hornets and wasps) were quite interested in the wine.  We have both been stung and bitten lots this year; they want their share apparently.  This was our largest lot of fruit, so many barrels to fill.  They are settled into their racks to finish secondary fermentation now.  Jason barreled the Cabernet Franc the next day when his barrels were hydrated.

We brought the last of the fruit in this week; 3.7 tons of Patina Vineyard Syrah for Lagana Cellars.  It is Walla Walla AVA and beautiful fruit that tastes wonderful. Can you believe we have everything in before the middle of October?  I haven’t been at this for very long, but it is long before Halloween which is usually a gauge of harvest.

Bulk wine is prepared for a shipment.
Bulk wine is prepared for a shipment.

It was also time to rack some wine from barrels into portable totes and kegs as they will be shipped out to Aspen Lane Wine Company in Chicago next month, when it is cooler, but not too cold.

We spent one day on the road delivering wine for both Locati and Lagana Cellars to distributors in the Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA region.  It was a long day of driving; thankfully, Jason did most of it. I am glad I went along to get an idea of where and with whom we distribute our wines. How to drop wine off when the Rep is in a meeting was my first lesson.  Meeting Pam at Evergreen Wine Cellar and Leah at Niche Wine Bar in Vancouver provided a couple of Rep-structured visits for me to observe the process in action.

Poster for Evergreen Wine Cellar.
Pam supplied me with a few of her posters to sell in the tasting room. Look closely, isn’t that wonderful!

While we were at Evergreen Wine Cellar the poster we have in the window of the tasting room was brought up; I love this poster!  Several people have offered to buy the one in the window because they like it too. Graciously, Pam provided me four posters to sell in the Locati Cellars tasting room – contact me if you are interested and can’t make it to the tasting room.  There are only four, so first-come-first-serve.

There was even time for me to spend a day with my usual partner in wine, AKA hubby, while he worked his harvest job this week.  It was the first time since we moved to Walla Walla that I had time to ride with him during harvest (still haven’t ridden with him during potato planting season).  It was fun to see the diggers in the field and the potatoes going into storage until the processors are ready for them.  I couldn’t help myself, I had to pull pieces of vine and weeds from the potatoes on the conveyor as they went passed because it bothered me that they were there.  Allergies aside, it is always great to get out in the field with him for a day.  I did a bit of harvesting in my garden too.  After the gorgeous pumpkin fields on my way to work last year I had the notion I needed to plant pumpkins this year myself.  There was a variety of ‘lil’ pumpkins that seemed appropriate for the space we had.  Then a friend gifted me a ‘yellow squash’ plant, so we had two plants that sprawled over a considerable amount of ground for the last three months.

I am looking forward to slower mornings and cooler days as we finish this harvest season out.  I believe I will have more time to harvest the remaining tomatoes and peppers for my love to make salsa for himself.  Cleaning up the yard and putting it to bed before the weather is down right cold will be a first at this house.  I was glad to be home when the yard service guys that take care of the neighbors’ lawns came knocking to be sure we really did want our lawn aerated as we missed them last year and it needs it!  Tasting room shifts and responsibilities will be more frequent now that cellar duties are waning.  It is strange knowing I am not going back to class again – a good strange though.


Wine with dinner to write tasting notes.
Hubby and Jason after dinner as we worked on the tasting notes last week.

4 thoughts on “Week 7 Crush 2015: Downhill slide from here

      1. We started like August 11 and brought the last grapes in earlier this week. We are low pretty much across the board 30-50% lower than expected-all of NorCal is like that this year generally speaking.

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