Crush 2015 Week 8: over the hurdles

It wasn’t a ‘busy’ week, but there were a few busy days that brought our 2015 harvest around to complete.  It began with a visit to my family to celebrate two wonderful ladies that share a birthday; this time we flew, cutting our travel time in half.

Lagana Cellar’s last fruit, Patina Vineyard Syrah, had to be pressed to tank and then to barrel before we could clean the press in preparation of putting it away until next season.  It was, of course, also time to rack the white wines that were cold stabilized so we could use bentonite clay to remove proteins that could cause a haze if they were left in the wine.

Oh, it was also time, again, to top the barrels of 2014 red wines for Locati Cellars.  While Jason barreled the Syrah I worked my way up and down the barrel racks; top to bottom back to front. No room for a ladder between the stacks, so I climbed the stacks.  I am not a graceful person (in fact, I am down right klutzy) and yet I managed to accomplish all of this monkeying around without injuring myself.  This is normal cellar work, and I enjoy it!

I worked in the tasting room, pouring wine and chatting with people to end my week; this will be where I spend most my time now.  It was an early, fast harvest with nice fruit and fabulous weather to work in.  Sadly, we won’t have 2015 Primitivo, but all of our wines will be terrific.  Autumn is rushing through the valley like the wild fires did this summer, leaves turn color and drop from the trees within a couple of days. The hot air balloon festival adds to the dramatic colors this weekend.  And the winery is cleaned up and packed away neatly, wrapping up a satisfying harvest season. Thankfully, potato harvesting here in Washington is also coming to a close as well.


2 thoughts on “Crush 2015 Week 8: over the hurdles

  1. Great that you made it through another crush. Despite insect stings, sore muscles, & cramped hands you always came home with a smile. It will be exciting to taste these wines as they finish their journey to the bottle.

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    1. Thanks for always being supportive, no matter what that looked like, and encouraging. You always reminded me to work within my physical ability. Although I didn’t always do so, I did make a best effort to.


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