Public mention in 2 wine industry magazines

I am attempting to catch up with my reading now that Crush is over and apparently I am just in time!  Wine Tourist Magazine and Sip Northwest Magazine came out this month with Locati and Lagana Cellars being mentioned, as well as the Marcus Whitman Hotel. To be counted among those we admire and enjoy is gratifying, a bit of press isn’t bad either.  My attention span not withstanding, reading seems to be in fits and starts even now, when I thought I would have plenty of time to recharge with this favorite pastime. So much for thinking… but here is the evidence:

What will Locati Cellars release the first weekend of November during Fall Release?
What will Locati Cellars release the first weekend of November during Fall Release?

Earlier this week we thought we would finish labeling all of the wine we bottled the beginning of September.  Alas, a valiant attempt was made, but the labels and the machine didn’t cooperate and we still have nearly nine pallets of wine to hand label now. Ferreting out what is wrong and why so we can be sure to avoid this problem in the future is taking some time too.  Might take a few bottles of wine to get through hand labeling all of those cases.

The first weekend in November is Fall Release Weekend here in Walla Walla; I may have mentioned it last post too.  Will you be in the area, within a day’s drive or a quick flight?  Come visit us!  Along with our typical line up we will be releasing a new red for you to taste and take home to further enjoy.

That said, we are doing our best to prepare Locati Cellars for the exciting weekend.  We will be well staffed and have lots of wine, but I will be on a plane east Saturday for my very first adventure in Europe, primarily Germany!  A business trip every odd year takes my hubby away, leaving me to take care of things on the home front.  Not this year, I am beyond excited, super-duper, don’t-even-think-about-my-not-going, kind of excited. To heck with the home front, our remaining kitty will have company and be taken care of (no, I didn’t tell you that my darling kitty, Oscar, went missing a month ago and I don’t want to talk about it now either).

Pink counter and tile back splash to be replaced.
Early next week we will have our pink countertops and back splash refurbished.

When not working Hubby and I have been preparing the bathrooms and kitchen for the new counter tops that will be installed early next week.  What do you think, keep the pink or change it? For two plus years we have given this very question thought; you can see our decision.  Neutral and tough (heat, cold, chopping or spilling won’t hurt it) we decided to go a safe route.  I have protected you from the worst of it, the dark green and brass master bathroom vanity: brass scallop shell sinks, brass fixtures for both bathrooms and the very-well-worn malachite green counters have greeted us each morning and wished us good night.  (They must have looked stunning in 1992 when they were installed with the ceiling fan that had Italianate statue faces on the blades in brass in the master bedroom, above our bed.) With that colorful image, I will wish you good day. Cheers!

4 thoughts on “Public mention in 2 wine industry magazines

    1. Oscar came into our lives suddenly three years ago this month and disappeared as suddenly the last week of September. I looked, called, searched and hoped for most of October, but have recently admitted she isn’t coming home. She lived life as she saw fit and knew she was loved. I believe she also loved us very much. Dragon spent the first week each evening waiting on the patio, calling for her before he resigned himself to her loss. I should have let him be my guide, but I persisted. Now I have to get used to the idea of her not coming home – focusing on all of the good to divert my attention as there is no lack of excitement and good. Best to you both! Susan


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