Walla Walla Fall Release Weekend is here!

I’ve spent the last week preparing for this Fall Release Weekend, ordering the cheese and salami from Cugini’s Deli (the salami is made with Locati Cellars wine), posting on social media and getting staff and tasting room ready for the weekend with lots of help from Jason and Mike to get things in place and stock the wine.  Here’s to hoping the weekend is busy and exciting.  We are releasing our 2012 Ambrose, a scrumptious Super Tuscan (50% Estate Sangiovese, 50% Cabernet Sauvignon) named for owner Mike Locati’s father. If you are anywhere close to Walla Walla, come on in.

Being responsible for the workings of the tasting room the last few months and working in the cellar has been everything I had hoped it would be when I started school believing I would enjoy making and selling wine.  It has not been lost on me that I am doing what I set out to do when I graduated with my certifications.  Originally that goal included opening our own winery, starting from scratch and devoting everything and all of our time to nurturing this new entity.  Watching, and helping, friends pursue that same dream has sobered us a bit, if you will.  My hubby is the most supportive, generous and kind person and he chased the winery owner dream with me.  When I said I was happy to work at Locati Cellars switching hats as needed we took stock of our lives: six years of marriage, mostly great health, but feeling our respective ages, family at some distance requiring time to visit them, and a strong desire to spend time together enjoying hobbies and traveling.  Opening a new winery, with all that entails, wasn’t quite as exciting when we realized how much we would have to give up to do it.  That isn’t to say we won’t make our own wine commercially some day, it means we will make that decision as we determine we are prepared to take on the added responsibility and remain in balance with what we are already doing.  My hubby, my partner in wine, is my highest priority; deciding to get behind Locati and Lagana Cellars as support is a great compromise for us. How does a girl get so lucky? Married to the best guy, working with terrific, fun and often goofy people in a small industry in a small town.

As Fall Release Weekend in Walla Walla gets up and going I am packing my bags and boarding a plane, ok, a series of planes, to Germany (see how quickly I am taking advantage of this flexibility).  Fall Release or Germany, yeah, I didn’t have to think that one through very hard.  I have never been to Europe and I hope this is only the first of many more adventures abroad.  Not likely to be posting while I am traveling, but working on some to leave you with while I wander.  We will be away for two weeks, returning just in time to go visit my family for Thanksgiving.  Right after that we rapidly approach Holiday Barrel Tasting weekend, the first weekend in December! If you can’t make this weekend’s festivities, consider December’s event weekend (I will definitely stick around for that weekend).  You can gift it to yourself, right?


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