Turkey Day wine pairing, what will you be drinking?

It is now less than a week until Thanksgiving!  Do you know what you will be drinking with your dinner and dessert?  What about pre-dinner drinks, is that part of your tradition?

Locati Cellars 2014 Sangiovese Rose' and a simple turkey and roast vegetable dinner paired beautifully.
Locati Cellars 2014 Sangiovese Rose’ and a simple turkey and roast vegetable dinner paired beautifully.

A few weeks ago we grilled a small turkey and roasted vegetables; we usually travel for Thanksgiving, so no left overs come home with us.  We had Locati Cellars Sangiovese Rose’ with it, the bright berry flavors and crisp acidity were excellent with the moist turkey meat and roasted-sweet vegetables.  Naturally we got to thinking what else would be fun for us to bring with us when we visit family.  Lagana Cellars Pinot Noir, Locati Cellars 2012 Estate Barbera and  newly released 2012 Ambrose would be our favorites.  Of course, both Cellars have amazing white wines that would be fabulous too.  The College Cellars Viognier might come with us too.

2001 Colheita Niepoort from Portugal is a 'harvest' tawney style Port bottled in 2013.
2001 Colheita Niepoort from the Douro Region of Portugal is a ‘harvest’ tawny style Port bottled in 2013.

We have wine with dinner, maybe finishing into dessert, but not more wine with dessert  and nothing before dinner.  It might be fun to have a sparkling wine to open the festivities and put the finishing touches on dinner with.  There is so much rich food that I am fine without adding another bottle of wine during dessert, but if wine were dessert, that would be a different story.  We had a lovely single vintage Port, provided by an intern from Portugal to the Walla Walla Valley this year, that would hit the spot nicely.  I appreciated the complexity of it and nurtured my glass for quite a while.

We are still in Germany, I may have other wines in mind when we return.  Safe travels, wonderful memories created and share your holiday favorites!  Cheers!

8 thoughts on “Turkey Day wine pairing, what will you be drinking?

      1. Merry Christmas Susan. Making sausage is always fun and a group effort for sure. I have a friend looking for 300 Saperavi vines to plant this Spring but all the stock is sold out on the East Coast. If you would ask around if the are any available in Pacific Northwest it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You. This would be a good excuse to try a bottle of Saperavi. Only for research purposes of course. 🙂


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