What time is it?

Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving! What wine did you choose to have with dinner? Was it your choice or brought by guests?  Do tell, please! How about those Black Friday sales, did you join the chaos or avoid it as I do?

Black cat and watering can in front of gooseberry bush.
Dragon helping me water plants this last summer.

We are back in Walla Walla, unpacked, laundered and settling into our routines; Germany a spectacular memory.  I am a life-long night owl, hard as I try to get up early and function it hasn’t stuck.  We arrived home Sunday night after over 24 hours of plane travel and the hour’s drive from Pasco to Walla Walla at 6:30 PM PST (+ 9hrs for Germany’s time).  Our bed was the most wonderful, comfy piece of furniture ever invented; we were in it within an hour, asleep before we were horizontal.  Pitch dark, and I was laying awake at 1 AM considering what options I might have at that hour.  Our cat, Dragon, heard me tossing and turning so put up a  ruckus wanting into the bedroom to be with us after missing us for two weeks.  It took some doing to quiet him and myself, but it happened.  A few hours later I was again blinking in the dark room, clear headed and refreshed; it was only 4 AM.  Attempting to stay still to let my Hubby sleep was more difficult than I could have imagined.  Half an hour later he was awake too!  What the heck?

After several days of this we have managed to sleep in until 5:30 on our late mornings.  I thought jet lag made you tired, what I am doing awake?  No, we aren’t staying up as late as we usually have, but we aren’t going to bed super early either.  Should I encourage this new paradigm at this juncture of my life?

Our experiences at cathedrals, palaces, memorials, breweries and wineries, natural wonders and curiosities I will share with you.  The awful Paris tragedy was midway through our journey, many miles away, but much closer than we typically are to such events, will never be forgotten.  Several of our fellow travelers, due to fly through Paris the day after the attack, were stranded for an extra day at the airport before alternative travel arrangements could be made.

Life is precious, thank you for spending time with me, reading my blog and chatting with me about your similar experiences.  I appreciate each of you tremendously.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, cheers!

6 thoughts on “What time is it?

  1. Happy you made it back safely. I really enjoyed the whole waking up early thing after we got back from the UK this summer but unfortunately, within a week or so, I was back to the old sleep pattern.


  2. Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing! Thanksgiving wines were Rutini Sauv. Blanc and Malbec. The guests brought wine, but then very few people were drinking wine, so that was mostly it. No Black Friday activities – went to see friends instead 🙂

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