2 trees and lots of decorations

November closed with a blanket of snow and below freezing temperatures; thankfully we had frost so the vineyards and gardens were dormant and as safe as they can be.  It was lovely decorating the Locati Cellars tasting room, Jason decorated the Lagana Cellars tasting room, as well as my own home.  It took two days to put up the three segments of the tree in the tasting room as I tried to work on it between visitors the first day; I decorated the big window before we opened so I wasn’t a spectacle to be observed once 2nd Street got busy on Friday.  It seems I spent five days decorating and pouring wine right after Thanksgiving and I enjoyed it.  Two trees, windows and horizontal surfaces offer a festive welcome to all wishing to wine taste.  The snow flakes inside replace the snow that melted today in our Chinook winds; December seems to be more wet than cold now.  It was delightfully busy Thanksgiving weekend with so many wonderful visitors to the tasting rooms.  Are you decorated, have you written your cards? Started or finished your shopping?

For the next few days Walla Walla wineries participate in Holiday Barrel Tasting Weekend, if you are local, we would love to see you.  Locati Cellars is pouring 2013 Dolcetto!  Of course, we are pairing Locati salami and cheese with our wines.

For those that are shopping for wine lovers, we have gift boxes for three bottles of wine.  Purchase three bottles of your choice with a 10% discount on the wine and the box, including a shiny gold bow if you would like, for a fun surprise.  We have some other wine related trinkets for sale, come in to see us!  Lagana has similar boxes on offer.

Are you still eating leftover turkey?  What is your favorite leftover meal?  Coveting your leftovers, we have purchased some ground turkey for taco salads and baked some Russet Burbank potatoes, the real baking potatoes, to stuff.  Ok, enough about leftovers.  Tell me what you can’t live without on Christmas – a particular candy, cookie, meal or tradition?  We are just getting prepared for the baking we want to do: ginger cookies, Mexican wedding cookies, and a smattering of fruit and nut filled cookies, rounded out with some chocolate cookies.  Raises my blood sugar just thinking about it – but it is only once a year and we try to spread the wealth with family and friends so we justify it.

I will leave you with a few photos of the German Christmas Markets that weren’t yet open when we were there.  The store fronts with signs and those that were open our last day there, were for fresh fruits, nuts, floral arrangements and wreaths, Gluhwein (hot spiced wine) and roasted Maroni (chestnuts); refreshingly traditional and meant to be shared with those closest to you.  The pyramids are my favorite, reminding me of the one we place on the dining room table each year.


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