First W2 Food Truck Night 2016

April 4 Walla Walla food truck night weather.The first Monday of each month, April through October, the Incubators at the Port of Walla Walla host a Food Truck Night – and we go as often as possible!  Last year I think we missed one as we were out of town.  For the last few weeks we have anticipated the first of the season that took place this week.  It was brisk and windy, but turn out was great anyway.

Due to the wind, we made our food selection quickly and looked for a protected place to sit. Inside Palencia Winery we were able to sit at a table, order wine and enjoy our meals. Hubby chose a fish taco plate (paired with Cabernet Sauvignon) and I went with my go-to choice of Gyro (with Malbec), both came from the Andrae’s Kitchen truck.  Supper consumed we took our wine to the patio where we visited with friends as we sipped.


Horte with tamales.
Lovely Horte serving delicious tamales at Horte & Mamita’s Mexican Food during Food Truck Night.

Nightlife Walla Walla‘s Horte (#lovelyhorte) is serving Horte & Mamita’s Mexican Food now too.  Very happy to see them so busy.  My dairy allergy keeps me away from the tamales, but they smell heavenly and everyone that has them says they are terrific.

Onion World tent at Food Truck Night.
Sweet onion sausage rounds out Food Truck Night dinner choices for April 2016.

As we walked out Hubby got a sausage from the Onion World Restaurant tent; on a stick, with a bit of mustard and his dinner was complete.  They used to have a small space downtown, but it seems they are doing the food truck and Farmers Market thing now instead.  Good to have them mobile!

Walla Walla has fabulous restaurants, but there is definitely something about the festive, family-friendly atmosphere that beckons us to Food Truck Night each month: fifteen or so trucks, a brewery, and three wineries make for lots of choices. Cheers!

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