Aligote’: Walla Walla style

Who knew our next new grape (check off another on the Wine Century Club list) would be so close to home?  The Miles Anderson Vineyard, part of Walla Walla CC’s College Cellars has  Aligote’, a white Burgundian grape related to Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.  This bright, acidic grape was fermented in stainless steel with the last month prior to bottling spent in a wood tank for smoother, creamier notes. Have you tried this grape? What did you think?

When the bottle was first opened the nose presented banana, bubble gum-type banana, with the palate apricot and granny smith apple; beautifully acidic and very pale yellow in color.  Our dinner was grilled chicken, nice and smokey from the pellet grill, wild rice with broccoli and cauliflower. The wine and the chicken were lovely, the rest of dinner was ok with it.  As I sit here writing the bouquet has become very floral while the palate has oxidized a bit and nectarine becomes more pronounced.  I am thrilled I purchased a second bottle and know a friend will be pouring it at dinner this weekend.  (You can order the wine from the website above.) Might have to consider going back for more before it is gone…

While we were preparing our dinner the sun was meeting the horizon and we had a quick burst of rain.  Damp and chilly as the air was the light and colors were exceptional.  My poor attempt to capture what we enjoyed is below. Cheers!

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