Earth Day musings

It really is the only place we have, take care of it!

Happy Earth Day!

Since I was young the mantra of ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’, turning lights out when we leave the room or running water only when you are done brushing your teeth (not while brushing) as well as many other things have been a part of my everyday life.  Although we set aside one day a year to focus on the health of our planet, everyday should be 🌎Earth Day.  How do you take care of our home planet?  Are you dreaming of moving to another planet to start over and make better choices? What about now, in the moment, how are you going to make ‘better’ choices by moving to another planet if you don’t make wise choices now?

When I was in my early teen years my family moved from my mother’s childhood home on Long Island to Arizona because where she grew up was different from where we were growing up due to the drastic increase in pollutants.  The incredible number of 🌟stars 🌟visible from my Grandparents’ home on a hill outside of Lake Havasu City vs. ours was shocking: air pollution.  There were moments of real silence rather than a background noise, white noise if you will, that allowed smaller, less frequent noises to be heard: noise pollution.  The toxins in the air and water, contaminating our surfaces and some foods were only being identified and acknowledged.  The distance from farms wasn’t as bad as it could have been, but few people planted vegetable gardens like my mother’s; she is an amazing gardener!  Moving helped me see other regions of our beautiful United States and how people lived every day in different ways than I was used to and there were many differences.

Do you know where your 💧tap water comes from? 🍅🌽Vegetables and 🐄🐖🐟meat?  Do you know where your waste products go and how long they take to decompose?  It is in the simple things, like carrying a reusable, cleanable water bottle rather than purchasing plastic bottles with water that isn’t any better than what you have access to where you live.  With very few exceptions this is the case.  Do you purchase 🍕processed foods and get 🍔🍟take-out for dinner rather than making a meal for yourself and your family?  Do you turn up the heat in the house rather than grab a sweatshirt when you are ❄️cold❄️?  Have you turned on your A/C rather than open some windows while strategically closing window coverings to keep the sun☀️from warming your rooms in the first place?  How often do you drive when you could walk or take 🚋 Mass Transit or a 🚲 bicycle?

It has been 46 years since the first 🌏Earth Day Celebration.  As a society we clamor for change, but we don’t make the simple adjustments we need to begin that change.  Planting a tree 🌲is a lovely gesture, but make a more committed choice to do something that will use less resources in the first place or keep those resources useful for as long as possible before consigning them to the landfill everyday.

🌎Earth Day started as a Grass Roots movement, not a government mandate, lets take it back to that basic level and make responsible decisions ourselves.  Go ahead and plant a few trees, but turn off the tv, computer and the lights, water your yard responsibly and weed your garden by hand rather than using chemicals.  There is a certain satisfaction to seeing the offending greenery piled in a bin to be discarded; it is less expensive too.  Grow a few vegetables in pots if that is all you have, make broth from your food scraps and then start a worm or compost bin to make best use of them.
Simply put, will you make the choices necessary?

I can’t believe the size of our trash can, the weekly pick-up of our measly bag in the bottom of the bin seems crazy; should two people really fill such a bin?  It seems indicative of our societal extravagances. The recycle bin, same size as the trash can, is picked up every second week (I am truly grateful we have curbside recycling) and we make better use of it.  Ironically, Walla Walla County doesn’t recycle glass since 2012 even though our region produces and sells copious amounts of wine🍷 from glass bottles every day.  How large is your trash bin? Do you fill it up each time it is picked up?  Do you know where your local land fill is?  What do you do to recycle and reduce what you toss out?

My morning will be spent in the garden, pulling the everlasting weeds, before I have to be in the tasting room.  I wish you a lovely day to get outside and enjoy the pleasures of our amazing planet Earth.  Cheers!

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