The pay-off for hard work

Monday morning hubby and I both had to get up and get out of the house.  It was bottling day for Locati Cellars, specifically our 2014 red wines, at Locati Farm.  We had even more help than we did in the Spring when we bottled our white wines; many hands make light work proved itself true that day.  Rather than tell you about it, I have an opportunity to share a 3.5 minute video made by Gina Baltrusch.

It was the smoothest bottling to date in my experience: no broken bottles, minimal loss of wine, no problems with labels or closures, and a great bunch of people to help us through the process.

Hubby had to step through all of his hurdles on his own to update his instructional certifications for planes, instrument use, and gliders.  He has been studying and taking online tests most evenings after work; it has been a long time since he worked as an instructor, so he felt compelled to be sure he knew what had changed (e.g. digital age changes).  After a two hour flight from Walla Walla to Arlington, WA he had a four hour oral exam followed by a two hour practical exam.  The examiner was his instructor and employer many years ago so they knew each other well, W Neal Karman.  Hubby passed, no surprise to me, but a relief to him.  The two hour flight home, getting the plane away and our brief supper was almost too much for his fatigue; it was an early night.  This is another step in the direction we are going with our plane.  It was a pretty exciting day for us, hope you had a great week too!  Cheers!

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