All In: 2016 harvest has been good

The last big push of harvest saw us pressing Mission Hills Vineyard Sangiovese, not a small amount of wine, to tanks and bringing in the last of our fruit: Mission Hills Vineyard Barbera and Les Collines Primitivo.  The crushed wines are fermenting in their bins through this week.  We had to hydrate a lot of barrels with as much Sangiovese and Barbera as we have.  It was a pleasure to press Basalt Cellars  (and here) Viognier this week too as a custom crush deal.

Sangiovese and barrels:

Barbera and Primitivo:

Basalt Cellars Viognier:

Foot stomping Viognier grapes for Basalt Cellars.
Sometimes you need to help the press out a bit and foot stomp the grapes:Rick and Susan crushing viognier grapes.

Walla Walla Valley is having some high wind and precipitation over this weekend, Autumn will not be denied her time.  I am glad all of our fruit is in, but I am hoping for some decent weather to press the last of the fruit and clean all of the equipment for storage over the next couple of weeks.  All of the white wines are racked and resting, most of the reds are still going through secondary fermentation with the latest going through primary fermentation.  65 tons of grapes for Locati and Lagana Cellars is less than the last couple of years have been.  With the help of the WWCC EV intern, this has been the easiest Crush I have participated in.  Cheers!

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