Are we really done with harvest?

Crush 2016 for Locati and Lagana Cellars went from August 27 to October 19.  The last few grapes to come in were double-digit tonnage bringing in most of our harvest in the last few weeks.  I learned we were offered and were accepting 2 tons of Syrah from a small grower here in Walla Walla this Wednesday afternoon; it arrived on the Crush pad at Locati Farms, yesterday afternoon.  I will tell you all about it next week, when we are almost done getting it through fermentation.

Now, on lazy mornings, when I don’t have to go to work until later, I enjoy making a pot of Paris, a Harney & Sons black tea blend with Bergamot, lavender and other natural flavors.  Most of the time the aroma strikes me as chocolate covered cherries as the decadent dark brown liquid steeps.  The floral and fruity notes in the front and mid palate give way to a vanilla finish.  Some in-season fruit and a muffin or biscotti make a delightful breakfast.  I recently noticed there is a box of ‘Paris’ tea by Stash in the grocery store, when this tea is gone, I might have to see how the Stash version tastes. Cheers!


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