The most exciting news!

As you may recall, this summer we purchased a Cessna 182A in July.  During the last six months we have been busy structuring a business: Walla Walla Soaring.  This place holder page and our Facebook page will allow us to share with you as we continue to make progress toward offering glider rides this Spring.

Blanik America stock photo of a L-23
From the Blanik America site, this is what the glider we are discussing will look like.

Finding a two place glider, one for the pilot/instructor and one for the visitor/student (yes, instruction will be available in time too) with low time has been a bit of a challenge.  But, with perseverance and the right contacts, we have been in discussions about a ship located in Upstate New York with the group that owns it.  This is a Blanik L-23 or Super Blanik, I have included a stock picture for your reference since we haven’t actually seen it ourselves in person yet.

Walla Walla Soaring business card
Our Walla Walla Soaring business cards are here! Martin Field will be the base of operations.

In the coming months we will share this journey of preparing the 182 to tow and refurbishing the glider with you.  This is such a nerve wracking and exciting experience.  I haven’t flown in a glider, yet.  After getting started learning to fly our plane, I am super stoked to get into the glider too.  How about you, want to soar with us?  I hope so!

As I have been nursing my foot after surgery, I haven’t done much cooking.  When I am granted partial weight-baring I will get back in the kitchen.  Until then, enjoy your festive gatherings and simple meals. Cheers!

6 thoughts on “The most exciting news!

  1. I’m not surprised that you found a glider in the Finger Lakes area because it is a big thing there. I don’t know what it is about soaring and wine regions but I sure it must be thrilling to glide over the vineyards. Good luck on your new venture.

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    1. Thanks, the Southwest and Utah are very popular gliding areas, but no ships available. Considered a Canadian ship, but happy to find this one stateside. It is actually north of Albany. Super exciting!


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