Ordinance Brewing, beer in the desert of Oregon

It was Potato Conference time again and the Ladies Program that brought us to the Stanfield Hutterian Colony last year provided us a catered lunch at Ordnance Brewing, outside of Boardman, Oregon.

Ordnance Brewing, Boardman, OR
Ordnance Brewing was founded in 2014 in the beer dessert of Boardman, Oregon.
Mike and Suzanne poured for us.
Mike and Suzanne (not pictured) poured for us; well done team.

We walked off of the bus, made it the twenty-five feet of ice to the door of the brewery to a warm welcome by the staff, Mike and Suzanne.  They asked what we usually liked, poured what they had comparable to it and then took requests.  It was a friend of the organizer that catered the soup and salad luncheon with homemade cheesecakes for dessert.  The combination of well made food and good beer while visiting was terrific.

Farmers tend to gather and drink beer to discuss the local goings-on, what is happening with the crops, and relax after a long day in the field.  Ordnance Brewing is the product of a few farmers in the desert of Northeastern Oregon pretty far from the craft brewing populated regions.  In 2014 this brewery opened, locally sourcing grains and blueberries to make about 50 barrels of beer a month.  Here we are in the early days of 2017 and there are four tap houses (most in the Boardman area) and one in Wilsonville, south of Portland, 22 ounce bottles are distributed and cans are going to be available in a couple of months.

Original vat system at Ordnance Brewing, 7-15 barrels.
The original vat system at Ordnance Brewing produced 7-15 barrels of beer each month when they began in 2014.
Current vat system at Ordnance Brewing as of 2016.
The current vat system at Ordnance Brewing is at 300 barrels a month with potential for more growth.
Ordnance Brewing bottling line
The 22 ounce bottling line at Ordnance Brewing will be joined by a line for cans in a couple of months.

Craig Coleman, managing partner and the farmer that grows the blueberries for the Bloopers, blueberry wheat beer, gave us the grand tour of the place. Brewmaster, Logan Mayfield, and Assisstant Brewer, Ryan Kreps, were not there that day.

Craig Coleman and his daughter, Kate.
Managing partner Craig Coleman and his go-get-’em daughter, Kate, at Ordnance Brewing.

There was a beer style for everyone; my friend went home with both of the coffee flavored beers while I took home some bottles of Kolsch to share with my Hubby.

We still have snow and super cold temperatures, hope your winter weather is manageable and you are staying warm. Cheers!