Kauai: a quick overview

Living where we live, on the Columbia River Basalts, the geology of Kauai is very familiar.  Going from about the 45th Latitude to the Equator meant the erosion and flora don’t compare; from snow and fog to 70-75* F and sun was perfect.  I will hit the highlights for you here and then write about specific subjects later.

Winter means the weather is more changeable.  Both whale watching off of the Ne Pali Coast and ocean kayaking weren’t possible during our stay due to the winds.  Snorkeling was hit and miss due to the turbidity of the water after some heavy rains.  It was still balmy and warm to our thawing bodies, not complaining.  The pool where we stayed was cold for a couple of days due to a malfunction, but it was still better than snow…

Wailua Falls/Fantasy Island waterfalls
Wailua Falls, Kauai, fall from a basalt cliff over grown with vegetation in this tropical climate.

Waterfalls, creeks and incredibly bright ocean waters, fog high in the ridges happened a lot while we are there.  It is very humid, which meant my hair was super curly despite any attempt to tame it.

Fresh food is always available.  (Even if you have a black thumb, you would be able to grow something in the Islands due to the perfect growing conditions.)  There are still seasons, but they are less noticeably different to the casual observer.  We caught the tale end of some fruiting seasons, saw the beginnings of others, missed some (like plumeria flowers) completely.  So many things to see and taste!

Kauai chickens are wild.
A small gathering of chickens at one of the heritage sites we visited above Wailua River.

Chickens are wild!  It seems Hurricane  Iniki in 1992 destroyed chicken coops letting loose the fowl.  Now they strut their stuff everywhere as they are protected as all birds are on Kauai.  I had never seen so many colors on chickens and it surprised me to see them on the ocean beaches as well as in the mountains.

Kauai has only three big box stores in Lihue, Safeway, Costco and Walmart, and a few fast food chains.  I believe this is for tourists, to make them feel like they didn’t leave home. Boutiques and ‘Mom & Pop’ shops, Farmers Markets and Artist Fairs were the places to go though.  We discovered lots of interesting vegetables (i.e. winged beans), tasted truly fresh, vine ripened fruits, and there are delicious fish caught fresh.  Hubby and I walked and swam lots, but we didn’t keep vacation weight off as we hoped.

I could be very inclined to go again and Island hop. Have you been? Would you go again? Which Island is your favorite and why?

Are you missing me?  We have a new adventure launched here in Walla Walla that is taking up all of my spare time these days.  I am still working at Locati Cellars and helping with Lagana Cellars, but Hubby and I now have Walla Walla Soaring (the Facebook link), a glider ride and instruction operation.  When our website is ready, I will share it with you. Cheers!